October 2, 2020

Meet Our Staff: Kaitlin Conover, Executive Director

Meet TransformGSO’s Executive Director, Kaitlin Conover!

Kaitlin joined TransformGSO back in January of 2018 and has been an influential light since.

Kaitlin says one of her favorite parts about her job is working with the members!

“It is very inspiring to be around people who are innovative, creative, and have entrepreneurial minds. It’s almost like being a fly on the wall and watching everyone’s ideas develop, but still being there to support those ideas and be a part of the process.”

Coming from ArtsGreensboro, where she mainly focused on marketing, Kaitlin says that coming to TransformGSO has taught her useful business skills in many different areas. She says she has been able to take part in hands-on projects with different departments aside from her marketing background.

“I’ve been able to learn about all-things HR, facility management, and I’ve gotten to observe and be a part of the entrepreneurial journey. Being here has allowed me to get a sneak peek into starting a business, and has given me a diverse view of the company.”

We touched on Kaitlin’s viewpoints about the rebranding of TransformGSO, and what the name means to her.

The name TransformGSO embellishes everything an entrepreneurial journey is from start to finish. She believes that the environment you surround yourself with really plays an important role in the work you produce. Elaborating further, she says that she believes physical space and culture really helps transform people’s attitudes.

Kaitlin is confident that in 5 years Lewis street will be alive with activity and that TransformGSO will be filled with even more members and businesses that support each other and utilize each other’s services.

She is also very hopeful that TransformGSO continues to create strong partnerships that gives the Greensboro entrepreneurial community valuable opportunities and resources.

If you would like to join our community, learn more about our coworking space and available offices on our website!

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