About us

A simple mission to create a welcoming community for Greensboro’s innovators and entrepreneurs

Transform GSO Team Photo 2023
In 2014, through a collaboration between HQ Raleigh (now Raleigh Founded) and Greensboro’s Andy Zimmerman and Ken Causey, HQ Greensboro launched in downtown Greensboro. The goal was to build a community for entrepreneurs and innovators and give them flexible and affordable space.

In 2020, we rebranded as transform GSO, a name that reflects the transformative power of our space and the amazing community it brings to Greensboro. Since our founding, transform GSO has housed and supported hundreds of businesses and members.

In fall of 2021, transform GSO expanded into nearby 111 Bain Street in the historic Gateway Building. Greensboro Chamber’s Launch Greensboro program for Entrepreneurs resides here, partnering with transform GSO to establish the perfect hub for start-ups, early-stage companies, and divisions within corporations.

Additionally, the Bain Street property houses downtown’s newest and most flexible meeting and events space, Elm & Bain.

The two transform GSO properties are a pleasant one-minute stroll apart. Members often take a little longer, lingering in the gardens that connect the locations.

The leadership team strives to live and work by 6 Core Values:

    Be Authentic
    Help us build a fun place to work where we can share our talents and interests.

    Empower Others
    We value collaboration and cooperation. This is a respectful place where it is safe to share ideas, inspirations, and creativity.

    Drive Forward with Purpose
    We want to fill our community with people who have a strategic vision and the courage and determination to accomplish that vision.

    Think Big!
    We value everyone’s hopes, dreams, and visions for the future! All are invited to join and build on the conversation.

    Leave the World Better Than You Found It
    Through individual action and our business models, we strive to care for the people, economy, and planet.

    Embrace Diversity
    transform GSO wants to create an inclusive community where everyone feels welcome and can contribute equally.

    Meet the transform GSO team

    Clay Phipps

    Community Manager – Lewis St

    Shante' Kirlew Higdon

    Shante’ Kirlew Higdon

    Community Manager – Bain St

    Joi Wright, Community Assistant

    Joi Wright

    Community Assistant

    Peggy Hickle

    Executive Director

    JJ Crass

    Marketing Manager

    Meet our founders

    Andy Zimmerman


    Ken Causey



    111 West Lewis Street
    Greensboro, NC 27406

    111 Bain Street
    Greensboro, NC 27406

    Hours of Operation

    8:30 AM-5 PM, M-F

    24/7 for members and tenants
    (smartphone required for after-hours access)