Member Spotlight: Victor Vincent

by | Oct 1, 2020

victor vincent

Meet Transform GSO member, Victor Vincent!

After spending time in incarceration in Baltimore, Victor moved to Greensboro and found that it was hard to ‘re-enter’ into society.

“I couldn’t find employment. I got the door slammed in my face so many different times.”

He recognized that there was the need to help people who were recently incarcerated and started the Re-Entry Expert. He offers mentorship programs and “basically anything [his] clients need.” This includes GD placement, writing resumes, finding their dream career path and more.

“I help men and women after incarceration achieve their dreams and successes. Helping these other people helps myself. If I help these people find what they love to do, they’re less likely to go back to old habits and hang out with old friends that they were with when they were incarcerated.”

Victor has seen success pairing with local partners to grow the program.

“I’ve partnered with professors at NCAT University, Allegacy of Hope and the Community Hope Alliance. We encourage programs that are based on getting all of the community involved. We know that with coronavirus, this community will suffer the most when this is all over. We have to realize it’s up to us as a community to support one another to get back to where we need to be. Our success is baed on who in our community is willing to come and support initiatives we do. We always have something that anybody can do to help!”

Recently, Victor Vincent participated in the Future Fund LIVE (Stream) event and won $3000 for the Re-Entry Expert! See more of what the Re-Entry is up to on their website.

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