transform GSO Newsletter: December 2023

by | Dec 15, 2023

Our Holiday Closures: December 22-26, 2023; January 1, 2024
Members always have 24/7 access via their Proximity app keys.

As we approach the holiday season and new year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for being a part of the transform GSO community. I am filled with excitement for 2024 and the opportunities that lie ahead. It’s an exciting time in Greensboro, and I feel like our time has come as we welcome Toyota Battery factory, the Boom Project, Marshall Aerospace and many more companies. Hold on for the ride! We have been lucky to host many of these start-ups and companies here at transform. If you bump into one of our new members, please welcome them!  We never know what opportunity might arise. Also if you haven’t met Joey Cheek, the new leader at Launch Greensboro, please take the opportunity to do so. I look forward to our future collaboration and watching him build the entrepreneurial scene here in Greensboro.

I also want to give a shout out to our staff for their excellence in Customer Service and helping build the entrepreneurial scene here at transform and in Greensboro.
All the best for the Holiday Seasons and Health and Happiness for the New Year!

From our tGSO family to yours — may your days be merry and bright!
All good things,

PS – if you want to come check out life in our tGSO community, come visit on Free Coworking Day or click on my name, drop me a note and come be my guest for a day.


Don’t have a meeting space in which to meet your next best client? Have your own meeting spaces, but need a change of scenery to get the creative juices flowing? Whether you need meeting space for an hour, a week or a special event, we’ve got the space you need.
As I reflect on the 2023 year and our coworking family, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for each and every one of you. Our community is not just a place to work; it’s a haven where creativity, innovation, and collaboration that each member brings has the opportunity to shine. Our members are the heartbeat of transform GSO, and your diverse talents and inspiring dedication make this space truly extraordinary. Whether it’s the warm smiles, the shared ideas, or kind words, it’s the members that make our coworking family special. Thank you for making transform GSO a home where ideas flourish, connections blossom, friendships are fostered, and success is a collective achievement. 
Warmest regards,

Upcoming Events

Mindful Mondays
Monday 9/11/23-5/13/24* 9:00am
111 Bain St – Mountains Room

No Sign-Up Required For Inperson Sessions
To join via Zoom, please sign up through the website.
*Excluded Dates: November 20, 2023; December 25, 2023; April 1, 2024.
Recorded Session: January 1, 2024 (audio available for download).
Zoom Only: January 15, 2024.

Transforming Conversations
November 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024
Open to the Public 8:30a-5p M-F
transform GSO 111 Bain Street

In a world where social media has given everyone a public voice, our conversations seem to have devolved into anger and devisiveness. Our goal with this exhibit is to provide a space in which we can put down our megaphones and explore ideas together. Whether we come to a place of agreement or not, the act of transforming the nature of our conversations opens us all up to the possibility of connection. These five masterful artists give us a platform, both intimate and detached, through which we can explore the nature of ideas through a unique lens.

As we approach the new year, I can’t help but feel fortunate to be part of such an incredible community here at tGSO. This year has offered me a chance to get to know so many kind and wonderful people from different industries and backgrounds. Each day brings an opportunity to meet someone new. Cheers to a great year together and an even better one next year!




From terrific Lunch & Learn events and opportunities to support the broader Greensboro community, like being a drop off site for Second Harvest Food Bank’s holiday food drive to the best beer in Greensboro to providing state of the art technology for our conference rooms – and so many things in between, our Community Partners support our efforts to build a community of innovators and entrepreneurs all year long, and our neighbors in the South End of downtown keep us all supported. We can’t thank them enough so please give them some love by following them on social media, joining their organizations or checking out what their businesses have to offer!
Happy Holidays, JJ

We LOVE Our Community Partners!