transform GSO Newsletter: August 2023

by | Aug 18, 2023

When I’m looking for inspiration, I often take a walk through our tGSO garden. Its beauty rarely fails me, and today was no different. I was thinking about how unsuited I am for networking, which is a major component of any business. I’m that person in the corner at a party (if I show up at all) who has either found one kindred spirit and clings to them the entire time or who has whipped out their invisibility cloak so that no one will notice them. The thought of going to networking events ties my stomach in knots.

So I’m walking through the garden, and I see the morning glories popping their heads up trying to get noticed, and what popped into my head is that morning glories are natural networkers. They’re determined and persistent and have a clear objective that they consistently follow through on. And I think they like the challenge.

What I’ve learned, though, is that you don’t have to be a morning glory to find your way in a networking world. You just have to find ways to create, or be a part of, an environment that creates organic networking. That, for me, is one of the most compelling aspects of coworking, both as a person involved with the creation of the environment and as a participant in it. A morning conversation in the kitchen about a new coffee choice, a short break to add a few pieces to whatever jigsaw puzzle is going at the moment, a passing “what a cute outfit” comment or a lunchtime exchange about what kind of spice someone put in their lunch that smells so good. These are all networking moments. They may, seemingly, have nothing to do with promoting your business, but more and more, people choose to do business with people they know or are referred to them by people they know. So somewhere down the line, those random daily exchanges that didn’t feel like networking at all could turn into some unexpected connection for your business. You don’t always have to be a morning glory to succeed in the networking garden.
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