Life in the Dark Times

by | Nov 22, 2022

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Life in the Dark Times
I’m one of the many people of the world who hate winter — not really because of the cold, although I do get tired of layers and layers of clothes by mid-December, but mostly because of the dark. The minute the time changes and it feels like bedtime at 6:30pm, I’m pretty much slipping down the slope into hibernation. So when it was 40 degrees and raining this morning when I had to drop off my car for an oil change and then walk a mile to work, I was prepared to be a grumpus today.

But as I got a block or so down the road, an image of me and my daughter walking for miles in rainy 40 degree weather in Iceland popped into my head, and I wondered to myself why those walks were exhilarating and this one felt like it was just going to be tedious. Well, the obvious answer is, you know, Iceland. Iceland was new and exciting with things I’d never seen before around every corner, and this was downtown Greensboro, where I have walked the same streets a million times and feel like I’ve seen everything there is to see.

The thing is — I haven’t seen everything because even the streets you’ve walked a million times have subtle changes all the time, and when you really focus in and pay attention, you start to see them. Once you start to really look, you sometimes find little miracles. even on a rainy 40 degree day in the Dark Times. I was lucky enough to find one in our own tGSO garden this morning (check out those tomatoes, peppers and flowers defying the cold and darkness). Even in the Dark Times, there’s something growing, something blooming — or something just waiting to do so.

What are you not seeing in the darkness? What have you looked at in your business a million times, but have an opportunity to see differently if you start looking at it through a different lens? What treasures have been hiding in unexpected places that could shift a paradigm? Here’s to learning how to embrace the Dark Times and finding the magic they hold.

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Shante' Kirlew Higdon

Shante’ has joined the transform GSO team
as our new Community Manager at Bain.

I am super excited to become part of the transform GSO community! My years of management experience, passion for business, community, and entrepreneurship has led me to this awesome opportunity. As a creative at heart, when I am not working, I enjoy making candles, DIY projects in my garage; and most importantly, spending time with my lovely family. So far I have been able to meet many of our community members and have been blown away by the incredibly warm welcome. I look forward to building great relationships, and making a positive impact on our community.



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